Cutting edge technology keeps panther ahead of the game

Someone carrying a washing machine into Panther Logistics location

Two-man delivery specialist Panther Group has invested £250,000 in leading-edge technology in its quest to stay ahead of its competitors.

A new-look website, a mobile app, geo-tagging for drivers, a track and trace system and an ACD telephone system are among the key features that now come as standard from Panther.

It is believed to be the only transport firm in the country which offers a next-day delivery service from one hub of heavy goods such as household furniture, bathrooms and office furniture.

Not a company to rest on its laurels, Panther it is also now believed to be among the first transport firms to introduce a mobile app for use in its daily operations.

The app downloads details of daily deliveries for the drivers. It also allows customers to sign for their goods, removing the need for paperwork or a POD device.

The technology also includes a geo-tagging facility for drivers, meaning the whereabouts of every driver in the Panther network can be accounted for at any one time.

Further to this the new technology means Panther is now able to text or email a customer the night before a delivery, providing a three-hour time frame.

A second message is sent to the customer in the hour before the delivery.

More than just informing the customer their goods have been despatched, Panther’s new track and trace system was designed to specifically meet both their customers and customers’ customer requirements and provides real-time information on the whereabouts of the goods, from the time of despatch to the time of delivery.

The company’s telephone system has been overhauled too, with the installation of an automatic call distribution system, allowing customers to have their call put through to the right department in the quickest possible time.

The investment comes on the back of £9 million of new business awarded to Panther in 2012.

Colin McCarthy, Managing Director of Panther, said the hefty investment was essential as Panther sought to stay ahead of its competitors.

He said: “We now live in an age of technology and with it comes increased demand for a faster, more efficient service. Most of our deliveries are to household customers who have ordered their goods from the internet and want them without delay. And if for any reason there is a delay they want communication.

“The customer experience is paramount to the success of Panther and it is something we decided needed looking at as priority if we are to continue to grow the company.

“By making these investments our customers can be assured of real-time information on the whereabouts of their goods at any given time and can be kept up to date on when they can expect to have them delivered.”

Founded in 1989 with just two vehicles Panther now operates out of two sites totalling 110,000 sq ft and employs more than 200 people including 85 two-man delivery teams. Turnover next year is forecast at £19 million.