Panther changes the face of furniture delivery

Panther changes the face of furniture delivery

The continuing upward trend in E-commerce has had a massive impact on customer expectations.

No longer do we want to wait weeks on end to see our new three-piece suite sitting pride of place in the lounge

Advances in technology have changed our mindsets. As soon the items have been paid for, the modern shopper wants to see them at home.

Among the first transport companies in the UK to recognise the changing trend was Panther Logistics.

Situated at the heart of the UK motorway network Panther is believed to be the only transport firm in the country which specialises in the next-day, two-man delivery of heavy goods such as household furniture, kitchens and bathrooms, from one central hub.

Located in Warwickshire, the company operates 85, two-man teams delivering across England, Wales and lower Scotland.

Effectively the Panther service allows a consumer ordering a sofa, dining suite or new bathroom from the internet as late as 6.30pm to receive their item from as early as 7am the next day.

With such a unique offering, Panther’s name is fast-growing not only in the transport industry but also among furniture and household retailers.

With minimal handling – the products leave from the hub and are not touched again until they reach the customer, offering arguably the quickest, most efficient route to market – Panther also boasts one of the lowest levels of damages claims in the industry.

The most recent figures show that of 1,445 orders consisting of 9,500 items delivered to UK households, less than 0.1 per cent of items were found to be damaged at the point of delivery.

The company’s ‘choice of room’ and ‘removal of packaging’ services mean all items are delivered straight to the customer’s room of choice, before being unwrapped by the teams and inspected by both the customer and the teams at the point of delivery.

This standard offering leads to less likelihood of false damage claims against Panther customers, as householders seek to lift or move the items themselves.

Colin McCarthy, Managing Director, said: “Here at Panther we were very quick to realise the unprecedented growth in online shopping. And just as there is the need for a fast, efficient service of parcels to cope with modern demands, we believe we were the first to identify the need for fast, efficient, safe delivery of household furniture and other heavy items.

“We pride ourselves in our unique service offering. We have invested heavily in new technology and vehicles to ensure we have the right ‘tools for the job’ and by staying ahead of our competitors we are also providing our customers with a competitive edge.”