Panther delivers rigorous training to drivers as part of its best in class practice

Panther delivers rigorous training to drivers as part of its best in class practice

Delivery teams at Panther Warehousing are embarking upon one of the most intensive training programmes in the transport industry as the company seeks to instil its “Best In Class” ethos into each and every employee.

With delivery teams often the face of Panther, the company has compiled a list of stringent criteria looking at every aspect of the delivery procedure throughout the customer experience.

From the standard pre-call advising customers crews are on their way, to the room-of-choice, unpack and assembly offering, wet and dry installations and assembly training, the intensive programme starts from when a driver first joins the company, highlighting the relevant documents needed, right through to after the team returns to the Panther warehouse following a delivery.

Every driver and delivery partner is graded on his ability to meet the criteria throughout the process, being marked down where company expectations are not met.

The company focuses on a checklist of around 30 criteria. From changing a delivery route without authorisation, to being in a company vehicle without authorisation, and from turning up to work without a uniform, to delivering goods in a dirty vehicle.

Among the many other criteria are failing to use the company app properly, turning up late for loading a vehicle, collecting a wrong item, not loading an item on to a van, damaging customers’ properties and failing to repair a damaged vehicle.

Bob Shepherd, Compliance General Manager at Panther, delivers the five-day training programme along with Company Site Trainer Leanne Rawlings.

He said: “There is no doubt since its re-invention four years ago that Panther Warehousing has built arguably one of the strongest reputations in both the transport and retail industries for the speed of both its two-man and one-man assisted delivery services.

“But the quality of service is equally important to the customer experience.

“As part of our Best In Class programme we have introduced some tough criteria for our delivery teams to adhere to, but once they know what is expected of them and they start to incorporate all the criteria, it is in their mindset. It becomes second nature and they can complete their deliveries without even thinking about it – all the while improving the customer experience.”

Employees are given added incentives to consistently strive for self-improvement throughout their career with Panther.

The company has introduced a gold, silver and bronze grading system, with every member of staff expected to strive for gold.

Those who work their way up the system will receive more benefits and more responsibility – for example being given the opportunity to work on some of the larger more demanding accounts.

Bob Shepherd added: “By introducing this grading system we are effectively dangling a carrot and giving each and every member of staff within our delivery teams something to strive for.

“This in turn gives them a sense of achievement and allows them to take pride in their jobs. Hopefully when we reward them with greater responsibility and other benefits they will realise the valuable role they play in the Panther journey and take a real sense of ownership in the brand and the company as a whole.”