Panther Logistics Appoints New Head of People Engagement

Panther Logistics Appoints New Head of People Engagement

Leading two-person delivery provider Panther Logistics has appointed Vicki Barber as its new Head of People Engagement.

After joining the company in 2020 during the height of the pandemic as Internal Recruitment Manager, Vicki also has a wealth of experience in HR after previously working in various internal recruitment roles.

In her new role, Vicki will be responsible for articulating and embedding Panther’s ethos and culture throughout the organisation as well create a positive work environment for all staff within the business.

Panther’s significant growth spurred by Coronavirus-induced demand, prompting the two-person delivery specialists to appoint Vicki to ensure staff engagement remains optimal across their network of depots

Vicki Barber commented:

“With the company continuing to grow and new staff consistently joining the team, I am thrilled to take my experience and understanding of the employee lifecycle and journey and applying that to my new role in ensuring that Panther continues to be a fantastic place to work for all staff both old and new.

“Employees today thrive in an organisation that they are proud to be a part of, have a sense of belonging, and understand the core values of that business. Therefore, a significant part of my new role at Panther will not only be confined to finding ways to ensure that the workplace environment continues to remain positive for all, but also to make sure that the core values of Panther are instilled across its entire workforce as well.”

Gary McKelvey, Managing Director at Panther Logistics also said:

“We are delighted to appoint Vicki Barber as our new Head of People Engagement to support Panther in developing strategies and programmes designed to create a positive work environment for the company’s much-valued employees.

“Over the past two years the company has experienced unprecedented growth and undergone much change. However, what has remained a constant is Panther’s core philosophy of ensuring that the customer is at the very heart of everything we do, and to make sure the overall experience from start to finish exceeds the customers’ expectations – every time.

“To help develop this understanding of our ethos across our ever-growing workforce, we have taken the strategic decision to create this new role to facilitate the embedding of new people-focused systems and driving process improvements across the Panther team.”