How to Prepare for a Garden Pergola Delivery

garden pergola delivery

Having a garden pergola is becoming an ever more popular trend in garden furniture this summer! For fans of outdoor living, pergolas are a wonderful option to provide space in your garden shielded from the sun and showers. Wooden pergolas keep an earthy outdoor energy, while a pergola with a roof provides that bit of extra protection from the elements. Whatever your garden’s style, there’s bound to be a pergola for you! Here’s what you need to consider when preparing for a pergola delivery:

Identify the Space

The first step is to identify the space where a pergola can fit within your garden structure. Pergolas come in a range of sizes, so think about what you might want to have under the pergola too. Many people like to have some comfy chairs and a table, while others might place theirs against a wall and have a bar along it. Think about how much space that will require when purchasing your pergola.

Clear the Space

Once you’ve identified the space, it will need to be cleared for pergola delivery. The area will also need to be flat so the outdoor pergola can stand up straight. You will also need to check that no utility cables go underneath where any of the posts will be, as they may be damaged by the posts entering the ground. Finally, make sure that the pergola will not be impacting any windows or doors, especially those of your neighbours. In some cases, pergolas for gardens may require planning permission, so do your research before installing one!

Garden Pergola Delivery

When organising pergola delivery, it’s important to ensure that your courier has specialists on hand. Two-person teams that can provide excellent customer service and even assist with pergola assembly. These large, unwieldy items can be incredibly difficult for customers to deal with if they are delivered normally, especially if they also require assembly.

Panther two-person delivery teams will ensure the pergola is delivered and installed with minimal fuss. With nominated day delivery, assembly service, and other premium options available.

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