Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) forms an important part of life at Panther. An ethical and responsible work culture underpins the success of our company. Our values and principles are purposely designed to take human rights and social, economic and environmental impacts into consideration. Current business terminology for this type of programme of work is ESG – Environmental, Social & Governance) where many if not all of the areas of CSR are covered.

Our policy is based on the following set of principles:

  • To incorporate CSR/ESG into all our business practices.
  • To adhere to and indeed go beyond relevant legislations, rules and regulations and codes of practice.
  • To continually review the results of our CSR/ESG practice and to continue to build on our progress.

We believe in committing our business to the values and principles of CSR/ESG including:

  • Protecting the environment – keeping our waste unpolluted and to a minimum, following best practice, recycling, conserving energy, using environmentally friendly technologies and helping to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Protecting people – including the health and safety of our employees and local communities in and around our sites

Already our efforts to reduce our environmental impact and heading to a zero-waste culture are paying off.
In 2020-21

  • We recycled more than 446 tonnes of cardboard, plastic and expanded polystyrene.
  • 105 tonnes of general waste, with over 50,000 old mattresses collected and recycled on behalf of our customers.
  • 25,000 tonnes of metal from washing machine bodies were recycled
  • We have reduced our fuel consumption by over 4% through the use of environmentally friendly vehicles and improving driver behaviour
  • We are reducing the use of plastic commodities
  • We have further reduced our carbon footprint by installing energy efficient LED lighting throughout our depot portfolio.

We also seek to protect human rights. We proactively support diversity and inclusion and are committed to equal opportunities and fair labour which is representative amongst our employee base.

As part of our contribution to our wider community we may make donations to advance arts, education and community events and to help those in need.

Where possible we encourage our employees to take part in volunteering activities either through internal events organised by Panther or externally. We may also sponsor other activities that align with our own values.

Panther may support not-for-profit organisations or local community projects working towards cultural, economic or educational benefits.

Panther actively promotes its identity as a socially aware and responsible business. This culture is embedded throughout our organisation with senior management communicating the policy at all levels. Management is also responsible for resolving CSR/ESG issues raised by employees or representatives in the local community.

All CSR/ESG initiatives operate in every Panther depot and are managed centrally by the company’s Northampton HQ.