Panther Logistics’ Investment in Telematics Pays Dividends

Panther Logistics’ Investment In Telematics Pays Dividends

Panther Logistics’ Investment in Telematics Pays Dividends

After installing both camera and telematics systems on their vehicles, Panther Logistics is receiving significant returns in recent months following a sharp rise in cost savings from accident-related damage, with improved driver behaviour and a reduction in carbon consumption.

The leading UK two-person white glove delivery providers have fitted Liveview ® camera systems on all their LGV MAN fleet of over 70 vehicles.

This investment acts as another in a long line of strategic improvements made in line with the company’s significant growth over the past two years.

Through equipping all vehicles with telematic systems, Panther is able to pull reports for its 3.5 tonne and 7.5 tonne and above vehicles on speed, journey summary, mileage and performance giving driver league table visibility.

Panther’s 7.5 vehicles, 18 tonne and Artic units have been installed with three live feed cameras. These have been placed on the nearside and offside side views as well as one front facing to ensure DVS compliance and enhance the performance and safety of its drivers by tracking over revving, green band driving, engine idling, harsh braking and speeding whilst out on the road.

Neil Vance, Fleet and Transport Compliance Manager commented:

“Driver safety and driver efficiency and the advantages that they bring to businesses with fleets, have both very much come to the fore in recent years and are matters that Panther Logistics takes seriously.

“We therefore seek to continually improve and invest in our telematics systems enabling us to see at first hand where improvements can be made both in accident prevention measures and in driver safety standards.

“Our drivers too are more confident as they have the comfort of knowing that there is footage to assist if and when an incident occurs.

“Furthermore, having just renewed our insurance policy for this year, we have saved 15 per cent on the renewal cost, along with a further 15 per cent back on last year’s premium. Equally, fuel consumption has improved for the average MPG compared to last year with 10.85 MPG being consumed in February 2022 compared to 10.55 MPG in February 2021.

“Similar improvements can also be seen in our carbon emissions output, with 0.712 KG Per KM in February 2021 and 0.692 KG Per KM seen in February 2022.

“Driver behaviour has also received significant improvements, as shown through our group summary report which gives the driver a rating of between A to G on habits that range from acceleration to over speed.

“We are delighted with the results from both the cameras and the telematics systems in place as they have already provided a swift and comprehensive ROI by reducing fuel consumption through more efficient and safe driving by our drivers as well as cost reductions in insurance premiums.”