Growing E-commerce Businesses to Benefit From Panther’s New Evolve

Panther's new Evolve service provides small businesses with the ultimate final mile delivery experience for their customers

Small businesses and newly formed e-commerce enterprises can now benefit from Panther’s industry leading two-person delivery services thanks to the newly introduced Evolve.

Evolve will deliver an extra helping hand for up-and-coming businesses by offering best-in-class delivery services without the worry of minimum volume restrictions. Through the initiative, headed by Panther’s Business Development Manager James Langer, businesses will now be able to benefit from the company’s full-range of delivery services as well as take advantage of its extensive storage facilities.

The launch of the new service comes at a time when e-commerce is expected to continue on an upward trajectory following the double-digit growth the online industry has seen in the UK since the pandemic.

James Langer commented:

Panther's new Evolve service provides small businesses with the ultimate final mile delivery experience for their customers“We are delighted to introduce our Evolve initiative to our product portfolio which we have tailormade for new and growing businesses in need of two-person delivery services.

“We strive to support our customers to the best of our ability, which is why we have chosen to extend our offering to smaller firms and help them scale their own operation through providing the ultimate in final mile delivery to their growing customer base.

“E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and can help small businesses reach a new audience – transforming their business. We hope that Evolve will encourage more small businesses to take the plunge into online retailing so they can experience everything Panther Logistics has to offer and allow us to support them in helping their business become a household name.”

Evolve is yet another example of the customer centric approach which has become the hallmark of Panther’s offering since it first introduced its revolutionary next day two-person service to the marketplace eleven years ago. Over the years Panther has consistently pushed the boundaries to ensure that it provides a best-in-class service for the benefit of both its customers and the consumer.

Panther is the UK’s market leader in two-person delivery services offering a first-rate service to its customers. Previously just for large business platforms, Evolve now means smaller businesses and e-commerce sites can benefit from the full range of services Panther offers.