What Is White Glove Delivery?

what is white glove delivery

Today’s blog dives into the origin and importance of the term ‘white glove delivery service’.

The phrase ‘white glove’ may make you think of a doctor about to perform surgery, or if you’re young – or young at heart – the distinctive hand wear sported by Mickey Mouse.

However, in logistics white glove actually refers to a superior delivery service where the consignment is packaged carefully, handled safely, delivered when the customer needs it, and with extra services provided.

Where does white glove service come from?

The original meaning comes from the traditional white gloves worn by professionals in times gone by. Think of waiters at fine restaurants, butlers in stately homes, or concierges at lush hotels.
It may originally have stemmed from household staff being forced to wear gloves when handling silverware or other precious items in order to protect them.

Some delivery companies, particularly those transporting valuable and fragile goods like pianos, art, and fragile furniture, had staff wear white gloves to foster the impression of high-end service. While most delivery personnel no longer wear the distinctive white gloves they still use the term as it perfectly encapsulates the tailored and service they provide.

So what can I expect from a white glove delivery service?

Retailers can expect an unmatched portfolio of services that places the customer at the forefront of every aspect of delivery.


The end consumer can expect total service flexibility. For example, enabling customers to nominate their day of delivery as well as have goods delivered to their choice of room, recovery of non-operational and obsolete goods, disposal and recycling, seven day a week collections, warehousing and storage, and guaranteed pre-10am and post-6pm delivery.

Plug and play

A white glove business may also offer ‘plug and play’, where staff set up the electronics and appliances they deliver for a no-fuss, stress-free service.

Customer service

White glove delivery is backed by market-leading customer service, and delivery professionals are trained to interact with customers in a friendly, helpful, and professional manner for a peerless final mile experience.

This is vital as shoppers now have heightened expectations where delivery is concerned thanks to the explosion in online delivery.

Bespoke services

Some companies have even created bespoke services tailored to each customer’s operation. If you have specific requirements, whether it is non-standard loads or technical challenges, a white glove courier can develop a delivery service that fulfils the promises you make to consumers.

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