How A Two-Man Courier Service Can Support Your Business During Christmas

How A Two-Man Courier Service Can Support Your Business During Christmas

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of online shopping, in particular sales of big-ticket items such as furniture, exercise equipment, larger electronics, and white goods.

Through necessity, people have become more at ease with turning to online retailers and this festive season is set to be no exception. As online shopping has grown, so too has the level of service buyers expect from delivery.

So what should retailers look for when seeking out the two-man courier services for both large and small businesses at Christmas?

In this article, we discuss Christmas delivery services, and how a two-man courier service can provide retailers with stability during the busiest time of the year.

Offering reliability and excellent customer service especially during peak seasons

A premium courier service offers reliability, even as volumes spike over the holiday period. They refuse to compromise on customer service and choice. They will also support retail partners with exceptional delivery options like weekend delivery and next day delivery if the customer specifies it.

Essentially, a premium two-man courier service provides total flexibility in its service. They are also able to offer additional services such as delivering goods to the customer’s choice of room and recovery of recyclable goods and disposal.

Higher seasonal volumes do not justify lapses in customer satisfaction levels – indeed anything but one your delivery partners should keep dropped call volumes to a minimum and maintain customer service levels, even during peak seasons.

Going the extra mile to save customers’ Christmas

Your two-man courier service partner should go above and beyond to help customers. For example, if a customer ordered an oven shortly before Christmas and needed it to cook the Christmas Day family dinner, you’ll would want a delivery partner that would go the extra mile to ensure the goods are delivered before Christmas.

Taking stock of potential Christmas risks

Christmas is ripe with opportunity but also fraught with complications for retailers and logistics providers. The UK Parliamentary Transport Committee recently urged ministers to ‘level up’ the supply chain amid fears it will buckle as demand spikes in the festive season.

A customer centric two-man delivery partner will ensure that irrespective of the challenges, their focus will be on getting that all important delivery to its destination on time. They will be able to take stock and plan ahead to prevent any disruptions during the holidays.

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