What Is Two-Person Delivery? And How Does It Work?

what is two-person delivery and how does it work?

Two-person delivery service is the perfect service for large and heavy items. Unlike the usual courier services for parcels and everyday packages, two-person delivery is a standard delivery service with an extra pair of hands for large and bulky items. This type of delivery service is a more tailored and professional service designed to give the customer a market-leading delivery experience.

How is it different?

We’ve all suffered a poor delivery from mass-market retailers and courier services. Packages left in a bin, parcels left out in the rain or on the porch just begging to be stolen, or couriers who don’t even knock on the door before taking your much-needed delivery back to the depot as a non-delivery.

A two-person delivery service not only eliminates all these customer-alienating situations, but creates a positive customer experience through an enhanced service.

These include features such as weekend delivery, nominated day delivery options, wet and dry installation, soft assembly, premium time windows, Saturday and Sunday delivery slots, plug-and-play, door removal, and customer returns.

Why is two-person delivery important?

Customer purchasing habits have changed. E-commerce sales will account for an estimated third of total retail sales by 2024. Consumers have become more at ease with turning to online retailers for large lifestyle items such as fitness equipment, furniture, and white goods.

The spike in competition has shifted customer expectations, and expecting them to wait for hours for a perfunctory or inconvenient service is no longer an option.

A substandard delivery can result in a customer moving to another online retailer, while a professional two-person delivery can create trust and therefore repeat orders.

Do you need a two-person delivery service?

This type of delivery service can be a game changer for your business and the customer service experience you’re able to offer your buyers. If you’re a business dealing with the delivery of large and heavy items, you would want to offer your customers the best experience from purchase to delivery. A professional two-person delivery specialist can support you with that.

If you are looking to partner with a two-man delivery service, we can help!

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