3 Tips For Choosing An Environmentally Friendly Courier Service 

environmentally friendly courier service

The transport and logistics industry’s role within the UK economy is vital and continues to grow with every passing year. With the continuing increase in e-commerce coupled with environmental considerations, it is imperative that we continue to grow and evolve while continuing to reduce our carbon footprint.

Logistics companies up and down the country have been working closely together in recent years to reduce our collective carbon footprint without relaying higher costs to our customers. Among them, Panther Logistics is determined to reduce carbon emissions wherever possible.

Here are our top tips for finding an environmentally friendly courier service 

Optimisation reduces emissions

When looking for a delivery partner make sure you find one that uses optimisation to make sure its routes are as efficient as possible. This not only reduces the emissions from vehicles but reduces the mileage covered by millions of miles per year.

A good environmentally conscious logistics service will have a transport team that not only prioritises the fastest route but one that focuses on the most economical route, thus reducing the mileage covered by vehicles and increasing the fuel economy of deliveries. Many transport companies use high-tech optimisation software to ensure drivers are on the fastest most efficient route to customers.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Many logistics services will deliver your product and leave it at that. This leaves you to deal with the removal and disposal of not only all the packaging materials that come with a new product but also to dispose of the old tech you are replacing. According to DEFRA, over 2 million TVs are sent to landfill each year, these products can be recycled and your courier can help with this.

Many environmentally conscious home delivery businesses now offer to remove your old technology when delivering your new products. These items can then be recycled rather than being sent to landfill. Panther Logistics, for example, even removes all the packaging waste for recycling, leaving you ready to enjoy your new tech.

Reaching Net Zero

Any company worth its salt will be aiming for Net Zero in their future. The drive for zero carbon emissions is essential for improving our environment and air quality. An environmentally friendly company will be increasing their efforts year on year to reduce their emissions, even entering schemes that can offset their emissions such as tree planting endeavours.

Many companies will also be looking to upgrade their facilities to further reduce their impact on the environment. Solar panels, wind turbines and electric vehicles are all ways companies can reduce their carbon footprint. Recent innovations in battery technology have led to a swathe of new fully electric forklift trucks and other MHEs that companies can invest in to increase their electric fleet.

If you are looking for a delivery partner that offers premium white glove environmentally friendly delivery services, we can help! At Panther Logistics, we offer standard and premium two-man white glove delivery and end-to-end e-fulfilment services. Contact us here or give us a call at 01604 215 000.