SAFE DELIVERY: Panther’s safety drive reduces claims by more than 60%

Specialist two-person delivery service Panther Logistics has reduced insurance claims by 62% year-
on-year thanks to its extensive safety programme.

The Northampton-based company prioritises ongoing health and safety and driver training – leading to a 62% drop in claims and an 82% decrease in total claims cost between 2020 and 2021.

Panther uses MAN telematics (supported by Microlise) to monitor driver behaviour and performance. The telematics grades each driver form A (good) to F (not so good) and focuses on
mpg, over reviving, harsh braking, CO2 emissions, engine idling.

Panther has also established a league table which looks at vehicle types and individual drivers which
serves as an excellent tool to manage the drivers and shows them ways of improving, providing an
incentive to do better.

Logistics Director Guy Burgess said:

“It’s a great way to manage the driver and help them improve. We have 250 vehicles on the road, so it’s vital we take safety seriously.”
“We are proud of our efforts to enhance our safety and training procedures and will never stop
looking for ways we can improve our processes.”

All new drivers are required to pass a five-day mandatory course before going out on the road and
undergo best-in-class training, including manual handling and delivering into the home safely.

Panther has dedicated training facilities, with a training room for drivers which is laid out in a house-
style setting to ensure that the customer receives an optimum experience every time.  

In addition to equipping vehicles with telematics systems, forward-facing live cameras with instant
playback, and reverse warning systems are also fitted and Panther recently invested £200K in
bespoke handling systems to improve health and safety in the warehouse.  

There are also follow-up assessments every three months and supplementary training provided if
Panther also supports Road Safety Week, the UK’s biggest annual road safety campaign.

Guy Burgess continued:

“Safety is our number one priority for both our drivers and our fellow road users – which is why we’re championing Road Safety Week this year and spreading awareness to avoid any unnecessary casualties”

Panther Logistics is celebrating 10 years of its dedicated two-person delivery service which
transformed the industry – and sparked the Northamptonshire-based business’s meteoric ascent.

Ever since Panther Logistics stepped into the two-person delivery arena in 2011, the trailblazing
company has consistently raised the bar through its game-changing service offering.