4 Ways to Improve Your Logistics Performance

4 Ways to Improve Your Logistics Performance

The transport and logistics industry is one of the most competitive in the world, with thousands of businesses all searching for that USP to set them above the rest. It’s not an easy place to be, with countless new innovations being created to make companies quicker and more efficient.

Trying to differentiate yourself from the competition can be a tall order, but it’s not impossible. Panther for example specialises in white glove two-man delivery services and offers a unique selection of support services to go along with it such as pre-visit communications, recycling old goods and even next day delivery to 98% of the UK population.

So how can you improve your Logistics performance?

1. Understanding the customer

When using a top delivery service customers want, and expect, services like delivery to a room of choice, removal of all packaging, installation, and with modern working and lifestyle habits, customers expect the flexibility of choosing when and where the product will be delivered.

Our polite and friendly delivery professionals will also go the extra mile and offer premium delivery options including 7 day delivery or collection, along with nominated day deliveries together with wet and dry installation, soft assembly, plug-and-play, door removal, recycling, and customer returns. 

2. Know the industry & its challenges

We’ve all suffered a poor delivery from mass-market retailers and courier services. Packages left in a bin, parcels left out in the rain or on the porch just begging to be stolen, or couriers who don’t even knock on the door before taking your much-needed delivery back to the depot as a non-delivery. A two-person delivery service not only eliminates all these customer-alienating situations but creates a positive customer experience through an enhanced service.

Logistics firms must deliver a positive doorstep experience that enhances the customer’s perception of the retailer. Delivery is a part of your relationship with the consumer and is usually the only point of physical contact the customer will have with an online retailer. On the other side, the online buyer knows they have a choice and will soon seek out competitors if they are not happy with their delivery or the customer service response.

3. Recognising the importance of last mile delivery

The last mile delivery process is a key part of the purchase process for a customer and can be a deciding factor in whether they embark on the buying process. A customer may be reluctant to purchase a product from a company if they have had a negative experience with their delivery partner in the past.

Therefore, two-man delivery is not just about dropping a customer’s purchase at the doorstep.  It’s about ensuring the item is delivered on time and set up ready to go so the product can instantly be enjoyed by the customer. 

4. Provide a flexible range of services 

Partnering with a logistics company that provides flexible services is key for improving your logistics performance. As previously mentioned, as an industry leading two-man delivery service, Panther offer a complete range of services depending on the customer needs. From 7 day collection and delivery services, next day or nominated day delivery to premium delivery timeslots such as before 10am or after 6pm.

A flexible logistics partner should ensure that upon purchase customers know exactly what will happen on their chosen day of delivery, meaning they will be able to plan for the arrival and not be left to move, unpack and install the product all by themselves. 

If you need support with your product deliveries or are looking to partner with a two-man delivery service to improve your logistics performance, we are here to help! At Panther Logistics, we offer standard and premium two-man white glove delivery and end-to-end e-fulfilment services. Contact us online or give us a call on 01604 215 000.