How To Prepare Your Home For Delivery of Electrical Goods

home deliver electrical goods

When expecting a large delivery such as electronics, it is best to prepare your home ready for delivery. This can make the delivery and installation process as quick and easy as possible, meaning you can get back to enjoying your new tech as soon as possible.

Clear the way

As we deliver directly to your room of choice it’s important that our white glove delivery experts have a clear way to the installation location. This will minimise the risk of damaging your new product when transferring from truck to home. Firstly ensure your driveway is clear, especially if you have a tight entryway, if possible park your car elsewhere or make a walkway for our delivery drivers to walk your tech through.

Secondly ensure the path you expect our drivers to walk through is clear of obstacles, like furniture, shoes, children’s toys or other trip hazards that may cause issues.

Get the room ready

Getting your room ready is important as it will not only make installation quicker but it will help in the removal of your old tech for recycling.  There however is no need to worry about uninstalling your existing product. Our drivers will take care of everything to ensure your delivery experience is as seamless as possible.

Secure your pets

If you have any pets in your home such as dogs or cats it will be better to secure them in one room away from the room the delivery experts will be installing your tech. Particularly if you have nervous animals, this will minimise the stress caused to them whilst also meaning our drivers don’t have to worry about accidentally treading on or getting bitten by a stray animal that got in the way.

Keep an eye on your phone

Our drivers will give you a pre-call or text message prior to delivery to warn you of their arrival. This will ensure you are ready for delivery and are prepared to receive your new product when they arrive.

If you are looking for a delivery partner that offers premium white glove delivery services, we can help!

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