5 Benefits Of Warehouse Storage For Your Business

warehouse business storage

When exploring warehouse storage solutions, there are a variety of different things to consider. To ensure you receive the best warehouse storage service for your business, Panther Logistics has put together 5 top tips to give you a guide on what to look for in a storage and warehousing facility.

Later Cut-Off Times

Dedicated warehouse business storage offers many benefits over less equipped warehousing options. Including the later cut-off times for the dispatching of deliveries with a two-person delivery service. This gives customers the opportunity to order their desired products later in the day and still receive their items by their selected delivery date.

Weekly KPI Reports & Operational Calls

The importance of keeping track of targets and a close eye on your operations is key to succeeding in the business world today. Therefore, using a warehousing and fulfilment company that can offer weekly KPI updates allows you to focus on meeting targets and keeps you aware of any issues within the business. Dedicated storage account managers are also useful for operational calls, to have eyes on the ground of the ongoing workings of your stored goods, ensuring deliveries are dispatched and stock is accurately stored.

Returns Management

Maintaining an excellent service record is impossible without an efficient returns management process. Ensuring returned goods are sorted and processed correctly stops faulty goods re-entering the stock storage and possibly getting re-dispatched to another customer. An accurate returns management system will confirm the return of goods to the supplier, rather than sending straight to landfill.

Stock Inspections

Regular stock inspections help businesses maintain stock levels to a serviceable level, whilst also allowing them to react to busy periods, giving businesses full inventory control without the need to be in the warehouse in person. Regular stock checks maintain the accuracy of the delivery process, whilst also ensuring stock is stored in the correct locations, allowing for easy access when dispatching customer purchases.

Recycling & WEEE Disposal

Many businesses offer to collect a customer’s old goods when delivering their new purchase. These old goods are often sent straight to landfill. When investigating storage and warehousing partners for your business, it is important to select one with keen recycling interests. This not only reduces waste, but also ensures electronics are disposed of in accordance with the WEEE disposal directive.

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