Your White Glove Delivery Questions Answered

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Panther Logistics specialises in white glove delivery services, providing retailers with a reliable and premium partner to ensure their products are delivered to their customers with a high-quality service that suits the needs of the retailer, the product and the customer. But what is it? And how can it benefit every party in the delivery process? Here’s our quick guide!

What is white glove delivery?

The term ‘white glove’ probably conjures images of concierge services at high-end hotels and an expectation of quality service, and this delivery service is the logistics industry equivalent. It is a premium delivery service where items are treated with extra care and delivered to a room of choice, providing the customer with the best delivery experience possible.

White glove delivery vs. inside delivery?

Inside delivery involves ensuring the package or freight arrives at a customer’s location, usually in a porch or atrium or on a doorstep in residential properties. Inside delivery may also facilitate delivery to a particular floor of a building. However, white glove delivery involves additional services on top of this. Instead of just leaving a delivery on a customer’s doorstep, it involves going the extra mile for the customer.

Does white glove delivery include assembly?

This delivery type can include a variety of different services, including assembly of things like furniture. It could also include bringing large items like gym equipment into the correct room of a customer’s home, unpacking it and taking away all the packaging. Other benefits could include more flexibility in delivery times, setting up and wall mounting products like TVs, or installing appliances like washing machines.

How much is white glove delivery?

As it is an exceptional service, there is usually a cost for it over lower quality delivery services. But is it worth it? The benefits to the customer’s experience are huge and will make them far more likely to repeat their business. Instead of receiving a huge, unwieldy box outside their house which they struggle to manoeuvre into their home, the product is put in situ and set up so they can start using it straight away.

Who should use this premium delivery service?

If you are looking to transport fragile, high-value items that need to be handled with care, or products that require additional set-up or installation once they reach their destination, then this delivery service should be considered.

Panther Logistics provides a high-quality delivery service to retailers for a wide variety of products. You can find out more here.