What is Final Mile Delivery?

final mile delivery service

Final mile delivery solutions form a huge part of the logistics industry in 2023. Changing consumer habits and the rise of the e-commerce industry have produced incredible demand. Consumers are also expecting ever-lower expected delivery times and delivery costs, meaning this delivery service has become an increasingly infrastructural step in the order fulfilment process. But what is final mile delivery? And how does it fit into wider supply chain management? Here’s Panther’s quick guide!

What does final mile delivery mean?

Final mile delivery, sometimes referred to as last mile delivery, is the last step in the fulfilment process when an order leaves a transportation hub to go to its final destination, usually the customer’s home. While this may conjure images of lorries, final mile delivery encompasses a lot more than that. Even a Deliveroo rider is technically providing this type of delivery service. Still for our purposes, think of distribution centres and delivery drivers.

What challenges does this present for businesses?

As consumers are becoming more willing to shop online for more prestige items, businesses that produce these items have a tricky balancing act between speed, safety, and savings when procuring delivery services. Consumers demand fast delivery at a low cost, but they also expect to receive their products in one piece, especially if they’re ordering expensive items like furniture or gym equipment. However, these products are inherently more difficult to deliver quickly than smaller products, so how can the customer be satisfied? By incorporating delivery into their user experience journeys and ensuring that a premium service is provided.

E-commerce businesses often focus on their website and user experience, forgetting that delivery also forms a part of the customer experience, and a poor delivery service can drastically affect a customer’s perception of the business. Equally, a positive experience can reflect very well on a business, providing a much more tangible positive experience than just shopping online.

Panther Logistics specialises in providing an incredible last mile delivery service. Our two person delivery team prides themselves on their willingness to go the extra mile for the customer, as well as their respect and manner when in a customer’s home.

We’re the perfect partner for any prestige item e-commerce company that offers premium two-man delivery services. Get in touch to find out more or call us on 01604 215 000.