How To Choose A Logistics Provider For Furniture Delivery 

How To Choose A Logistics Provider For Furniture Delivery

British consumers are far more comfortable ordering larger items, such as furniture, from online retailers. Logistics providers have rushed to cater to this increased demand, but furniture retailers may not be certain if these delivery partners can offer a service that meets their requirements.

Choosing the right logistics provider for furniture deliveries can be quite challenging.

In our latest blog we explore the importance of having a logistics provider that shares your drive to provide an unmatched level of customer service. 

Here are four things you need to consider when choosing a logistics partner or two-man delivery service for your furniture delivery.

1. Is the logistics courier reliable?

When making initial enquiries, investigate the courier’s delivery success rate and seek out online reviews. Nothing kills the possibility of repeat business than a bad customer service experience – a substandard delivery reflects on the retailer and rarely on the delivery firm.

2. Is the courier safe?

Investigate whether they have an unwavering commitment to health and safety. Are they certified for the ISO 9001, 140001, 45001 and 50001?  

Each are standards which demonstrate that the company meets the necessary management criteria for quality, the environment, health and safety, and energy management. 

3. Do they provide great customer service?

Customers are now less likely to be willing to accept kerbside deliveries of furniture. If nothing else, it rains a lot in this country!

They want the furniture delivered directly to the room, garden, or outdoor space of their choice so it is ready to use – not on a pallet at the front of their house. They also want enhanced services like removing packaging, plug and play, recovery of non-operational and obsolete goods and disposal, seven days a week collections, and communication with the customer on delivery windows.

And don’t forget furniture can be heavy and to ensure that it arrives in pristine condition two man delivery teams should be assigned to make sure the customer receives the ultimate final mile delivery experience.

4. What services do they offer? Can they provide bespoke services to meet your needs?

When approaching the two-man logistics provider, one of the things you need to consider is whether they will be able to offer bespoke services. What are the benefits of working with them? Every business is different and ideally you would want your two-man delivery service partner to be able to adjust to your needs and what works best for your company.

Outline your bespoke requirements and current delivery operations, as well as your business objectives and future aspirations.

They should provide a detailed service proposal bespoke to your business’ needs.

If you need support with your furniture deliveries or are looking to partner with a two-man delivery service, we can help! At Panther Logistics, we offer standard and premium two-man white glove delivery and end-to-end e-fulfilment services. Contact us online or give us a call on 01604 215 000.