5 Reasons Why You Need To Offer Next Day Delivery

5 Reasons Why You Need To Offer Next Day Delivery

The use of online shopping across a wide variety of e-commerce platforms has provided delivery and transport providers with booming business opportunities, particularly since the Covid19 pandemic.

But with the growth in online shopping has come an increase in competition in the delivery service industry. There are countless options for consumers to choose from when it comes to getting their goods, each with their own unique options and special sales tactics.

One of the fastest growing delivery options is the Next Day Delivery service, giving consumers the ultimate option for getting their hands on their goods as soon as possible. Whilst mostly maintained as a premium service the increase in usage within the parcels sector has resulted in Next Day Delivery becoming the expected norm for many consumers irrespective of the product.

So why do you need to offer Next Day Delivery, what are the benefits to your business?


1. It presents you as a premium delivery service and provides the immediacy of the high street.

A premium delivery service should offer reliable predictable and easy to use services that best benefit the customer. Even as volumes spike over the holiday periods, a productive Next Day Delivery service provides a simple efficient way for customers to shop, knowing that a product will be in their hands within 24 hours. It promotes the reliability and efficiency of your delivery network and one that refuses to compromise on customer service and quality.

2. Allows you to offer more premium services alongside Next Day Delivery

Many Next Day Delivery services are offered at a small premium. However by offering Next Day Delivery as a standard allows you to introduce other ‘add on’ premium delivery options providing the customer with total flexibility.

3. It appeals to last minute purchasers

Distress purchases usually means buyers are desperate for a quick delivery and so will search out the fastest delivery option giving you pride of place in saving the day. Not only that but the growth of the ‘I want it NOW!’ mentality among many consumers can result in them buying directly from you rather than your competitors.

4. Next Day Delivery promotes repeat custom

Offering a quick efficient and most importantly reliable Next Day Delivery service encourages repeat customers. As with all good customer service, they are more likely to come back if they receive a service they like. If you are able to deliver their purchases in a quick and timely manner they are more likely to not only offer repeat custom but to refer your business to other potential clients in need of a premium delivery service.

5. It keeps you ahead of your competition

Next Day Delivery services within the two person sector are still few and far between, it is still a premium option that few are able to maintain. However if you can operate and maintain an efficient service then it can put you ahead of your competition by providing a last mile delivery service which is best in class.

If you’re a retailer or business owner looking to offering Next Day Delivery services to your customers, we at Panther Logistics can help! Our premium next day delivery options are specially designed to respond to the needs of the modern-day consumer. Contact us online or give us a call on 01604 215 000.