FAQs About Large Item Courier Services

large item courier service for businesses

The surge in online retail in recent years means items of all shapes and sizes can be ordered for delivery from retailers or suppliers across the UK, and delivered to the customer quickly and efficiently.

Where larger items are involved, it takes a premium large item courier service to not only guarantee safe arrival but meet customers’ expectations.

Here, we answer some frequent questions from shipping companies regarding the delivery of larger items.

What is the most important thing to consider when shipping bulky items?

Firstly, you should choose a delivery partner that has a proven track record in handling bulky and oversized items. Any good logistics firm will handle smaller items safely and efficiently. For large item delivery, you need to ensure your provider has the necessary equipment and expertise to protect your items.

What sort of services should I be looking for?

Larger items, particularly those being delivered to consumers, usually benefit from white glove services. That means they need special care or to be assembled or set up as part of the delivery service to get the attention they deserve. Not only does that improve customer satisfaction, it also gives the customer peace of mind that their goods are unpacked, seen to be in good condition or set up and ready to use before the large item delivery team leaves. Not forgetting that all unwanted packaging is removed, leading to fewer after sales issues and returns.

What equipment is needed to safely move bulky items?

That depends on the type of goods being delivered, but a specialist large item courier service will have everything from lift gates, jacks and other specialist tools to protect both the goods and the delivery team themselves. A two-person, white glove service is essential in providing the service levels needed large or bulky item delivery.

How important are delivery time frames?

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when shipping bulky items. There’s no simple doorstep handover, so the customer will need to book a delivery slot during, which they have time to oversee and inspect their goods. If that can be reduced to as narrow a time-slot as is reasonably possible, it reduces the waiting-in time for the customer.

Is tracking and visibility important?

Absolutely, for both the shipping company and the customer. Real-time tracking of the delivery of large items, like furniture or gym equipment, keeps the customer informed on the location and estimated time of arrival of their goods, reducing inconvenience to a minimum. It also allows shipping companies to see that the order is due to arrive at the agreed time or, if there’s an issue, that the customer has been informed.

How do I find the right partner for my company?

Check out customer reviews for the businesses you are considering, these will provide an insight into the reliability and performance of the delivery partners. Check out the delivery partner’s website for information on how they comply with regulations, industry standards and legal compliance.

Moving larger, bulky goods is a specialist operation and Panther Logistics offers a premium white glove delivery service across the UK. Get in touch to find out more about what Panther can do for your business.