Christmas Delivery Management for Your Business

last minute christmas delivery

Both consumers and businesses know that the Christmas delivery period can be an intense time for ecommerce logistics. An increased number of orders, which only increases the closer Christmas gets, can add some extreme pressures to any existing fulfilment strategies.

For ecommerce businesses, ensuring that all their Christmas deliveries arrive on time is an important factor in reputation management. Other than the user experience of a website, logistics is the only other touch point that they will have directly with an ecommerce business. Christmas shipping is doubly important, as the stakes are raised in customer’s minds. They need their products by a specific date, but so does everyone else.

Ecommerce businesses need to prepare for Christmas by vetting their logistics partner and ensuring they are ready for the Christmas crunch. Here’s some things to consider when choosing your logistics partner this Christmas season.

Make sure the logistics partner suits your products

Having a partner that is familiar with the kinds of products you are shipping and their specific logistical needs will go a long way to ensuring the success of your ecommerce Christmas deliveries. Panther Logistics’ specialty are two-person, white glove services for larger and more fragile products, like electrical goods, so we are well placed to fulfil those products of this type, even in last minute Christmas delivery situations.

Make sure they have a large and varied range of services

With many products moving and plenty of offers and discounts going around, a business’s ecommerce logistics for Christmas can change quickly. This is why it’s important to ensure that your logistics partner provides a wide range of different services to meet different Christmas logistics needs. Panther provides services as wide as warehousing, specialist disposal and installation/set up for appliances.

Panther can be a reliable fulfilment partner for your business, providing high quality, white glove delivery even when demand is high. Find out more here.