Pallet Delivery Vs Two-Man Delivery

pallet delivery vs two-man delivery

When exploring the purchase of larger products such as white goods, electronics, or garden furniture, there are often various delivery options available. The most common ones are pallet delivery or two-man delivery. Read on to find out which delivery service is more suited to your needs.

Increased handling capacity

The common phrase ‘many hands make light work’ often comes to mind when discussing two-man delivery services. It’s a proven fact that when heavy unwieldy deliveries take place, there are more eyes on the package. This means that extra care is taken when in tight spaces, to ensure no damage occurs to both the package and the customer’s home during the two man delivery service.

However, with palletised delivery you can expect your delivery to be delivered kerbside, so you’ll need to consider how to navigate the rest of the process yourself.

Additional services provided

Often delivery drivers are required to make a certain number of deliveries per day, particularly in the palletised freight business. This means that drivers are aiming to make deliveries as fast as possible, meaning they are limited in the additional services they can provide.

With a two-man delivery service, drivers have specific time slots allocated ensuring they have enough time to complete the services required by the customer. This additional time allows for the introduction of value-added services. This includes collecting old goods which are then recycled, the installation of products so they are ready to use where and when the customer wants them, along with delivery to room of choice and removal of all packaging.

Customers also have the flexibility to either receive their goods the next day or on a nominated day of delivery to suit their requirements and ensure they are ready to receive their delivery.

Communication is key

When an emergency delivery is needed, communication is key in helping to reassure your customers that their items will arrive on time. The lack of communication and customer service can create a negative impression or experience for the customers.

A reliable two man home delivery service can utilise both members of the team, when one is driving to the next delivery, the other can notify the customer of their arrival time. This provides a trackable delivery service and ensures everyone is informed.

If you are looking for a delivery partner that offers premium two-man white glove delivery services, we can help!

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