Why You Need a Delivery Partner for Your Fitness Equipment

fitness equipment delivery

If your company makes or supplies large, fragile or expensive fitness equipment, then you may need a specialist delivery partner to provide a high level of service that can make your business stand out.

Especially in high volume periods, it’s important that every customer touchpoint is a positive experience with your brand, encouraging repeat business and positive word of mouth awareness. This includes your website’s ecommerce UI, the speed of delivery and the experience once the delivery gets to them.

A good website UI is a start, but delivery is another important part of the customer experience, both in terms of the speed of delivery and the quality of the experience when the delivery arrives. That’s two important touch points of the customer journey that are entirely in the hands of your fulfilment partner.

Here are the key benefits of having a delivery partner for your business:

Providing a Positive Brand Experience

As such, it’s important to ensure that you have a delivery partner that consistently provides a positive brand experience, with delivery people appropriately trained to provide a quality service.

One of the key product areas this is true of is exercise equipment delivery. Specialised products like these will often require two-person teams to deliver and may need further skills in order to assemble or install such equipment. These specialist services are often called white glove delivery, providing extra services to a customer on top of delivery.

Providing Extra Services

White glove delivery can deliver to a customer’s room of choice, and even assemble exercise equipment on request. Whether it’s something for the start of an exercise journey, such as an exercise bike, or larger, heavier items such as weights to fill out a home gym, a specialised fulfilment partner will be able to offer fitness equipment installation services, ensuring that the customer is satisfied.

Panther Logistics offers a comprehensive white glove delivery service, offering fitness equipment delivery with a wide range of delivery options, including installation, and nominated day delivery. Contact us to find out more.