Retail Delivery Service: The Benefits for Retailers

retail delivery service

The modern e-commerce process can cause concern for both retailers and consumers, as the only face-to-face relationship the consumer has is when their purchase arrives on their doorstep. This means that retailers must trust their retail delivery service partner to deliver their goods both on time and undamaged to a high-quality service that aligns with their brand.

The ability for retailers to ensure their customers will receive a seamless final mile delivery experience gives consumers much more confidence in their purchasing decisions. That’s why choosing the right retail courier service is very important.

Here are the business benefits of using a retail delivery service:

Excellent Communication

A two-person delivery service allows for one member driving to the next delivery location whilst another is contacting the customer to let them know their estimated time of arrival. These pre-delivery calls and SMS messages help to remind customers of their incoming deliveries, ensuring they are prepared for their arrival.

Pre-delivery communications offer retailers the opportunity to keep the customer in the loop on the exact times for their arrival. For example, if they have finished a previous delivery early, they may be able to arrive and deliver the item/s before the allocated time slot, providing the recipient chooses to accept this of course.

Efficient Installation

Once the customer receives their purchase, they would obviously like to have it up and running as soon as possible, with a single man retail delivery service they may only have the ability to leave products on the doorstep. A two-man delivery team can ensure that the drivers will not only bring the goods but install them in the room of choice. This means that the goods will be ready to go as soon as possible without the need for the customer to call another service to install the products. All packaging will also be removed for the customer.

Trackable Delivery

Providing an excellent final mile delivery service means keeping the customer fully informed and ensuring that they can be prepared for their delivery. Offering delivery time slots at checkout allows customers to nominate their preferred day of delivery, ensuring they will be ready for their trackable delivery whilst keeping them informed every step of the way.

If you are looking for a delivery partner that offers trackable standard and premium two-man delivery services, we can help!

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